We Covasta provide a complementary design and maintenance services for Globetrekker Design Café, propelling it into a celebrated five-star online celebrity café in Beijing. Interestingly, the café has also established itself as a high-end on-campus living room for China’s best fashion higher learning institutions, and has served visiting scholars from over forty countries, various ministry commission leaders of the Beijing municipality, as well as numerous notable alumni. But most importantly, Globetrekker Design Café has also become the rendezvous point for designers with varying origins to exchange their ideas and be enlightened with inspirations.


COVASTA’s subsidiary technology-oriented companies are also focused on continuing the injection of investment on intelligent dining space featuring intelligent cooking systems, which are planned to be applied in university campuses, industrial parks, office buildings, hospitals, transportation hubs, and other areas with highly-congested flow of people, providing every customer with not only healthy, quick-to-serve, and delightful dining experience